Oak First can offer you a range of funding solutions
on all types of vehicles. We can set up funding secured
against the vehicle, the business or an individual.
Offering both on and off balance sheet funding. Funding
Lines, Asset Funding, Contract Hire, Finance Lease,
Rental and Higher Purchase are all available over a
variety of terms.
Plant Machinary

Plant Machinery

Expanding your company by leasing new plant makes
perfect sense, you do not have to worry about the cash
situation while you grab those contracts with the right
machinery waiting to go. At Oak First Finance we will give
you efficient and profitable access to plant and machinery.
Business Assets

Business Assets

Utilising asset finance to lease these things gives you
access to the things you require to run your business
profitably, but gives you a repayment scheme that does
not cause financial stress. At Oak First we are perfectly
placed to help you make the best of your business with
Holiday Park

Holiday Parks

Have a holiday park, hotel or bed and breakfast?
No matter what your need, hospitality is a great
area to use leasing successfully. Furniture, security
and IT systems, HVAC equipment, gas or electric
heating and much more, get in touch and see how
we can help you.
Green Energy

Green Energy

Oak First Finance can help with all aspects of green
energy allowing companies to go off grid and generate
their own power. We can arrange leases for solar panels,
biomass boilers, hydro-electric and wind power. Years
ago we needed to think about green energy for when fossil
fuels ran low, now its critical.

Welcome to Oak First Finance
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Asset, Property and Bridging Finance in Exeter

Oak First Finance offers expert assistance to businesses searching for different financing solutions.

Our proven expertise as an intermediary sees us sourcing and opening channels of high end business between customers, funders, and suppliers. Our reputation is built on dedication, honesty and know-how.


What to expect from Oak First Finance:

A large pool of funders spanning all financial needs

Clear straightforward correspondence at all times

Professional assigned account managers with a wealth of experience

Customer benefits

Exploring asset finance with Oak First Finance opens doors to the acquisition of vital appliances enabling you growth and better productivity.

Supplier benefits

Working with Oak First Finance offers suppliers increased trade and greater margins by incorporating leasing into sales.

We work with some of the largest finance houses in the market

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