The World of Farming has changed dramatically over the past 5 years, with people now farming wind power and sun power along side dairy, cattle and crops.

A variety of tax efficient and flexible finance packages, going hand in hand with build plan assistance is now paramount.

Oak First Finance Offers both lease and purchase options for your business.

A massive advantage to leasing is that your payments are commonly a tax-deductible business expense. These tax savings should be considered when you leasing with purchasing outright. The VAT is also paid monthly which can help with Cash Flow.
Leasing gives you the freedom and access to equipment or machinery which might be of a higher specification and monetary value than you could have afforded to purchase. Added to this is the benefit of maintenance and upkeep being added to your lease contract, which gives you peace of mind and takes away your concerns about unexpected bills.

We offer purchase options if you would like to take advantage of capital allowance, in some instances we can use deferred VAT funders to ease your cash flow.

Whatever you might require in order to ensure the day to day running of your farm is successful, we can source the best agricultural machinery finance deal for you. Whether you need new tractors, livestock or something specialised, Oak First finance can help you with all of this.

Why not give us a call today and have a chat with our agriculture finance team today.